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The Essential Guide To Dog Bite Claims In Washington State

In When The Dog Bites™, Christopher M. Davis offers basic facts about dog bite claims;  defines the legal and settlement process for animal attack cases; gives tips on dealing with insurance companies; offers insight into how to determine the value of a dog bite claim; and discusses common questions and legal issues that are often present in animal attack cases. The book also helps people understand the pros and cons of hiring an attorney.

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Read When The Dog Bites to:

  • Learn if you actually have a legal claim for injuries sustained from a dog bite.
  • Find out who can be declared negligent in a dog bite case.
  • Understand the statute of limitations for animal attack cases in Washington state.
  • Gain valuable insight into how insurance companies deal with dog bite claims.
  • Learn the common considerations for dog bite and animal attack claims.
  • And much, much, more...

Over 80+ pages of important legal information that animal attack vicitms in Washington state need to make sure they are fairly compensated for their injuries.

Chris Davis Speaks with John Carlson on KOMO 1000 News

Chris Davis Speaks with John Carlson on KOMO 1000 News to discuss Washington State laws about owning dangerous dogs. The presence of such animals in local neighborhoods can be devastating when they attack people.

Washington State Dog Bite Law Book Table Of Contents

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  • Chapter One - Basic Facts About Dog Bite Injuries
  • Chapter Two - Washington State's Dog Bite Statute
  • Chapter Three - Washington State Common Law Liability of Dog Owners
  • Chapter Four - Nine Mistakes Dog Bite Victims Should Avoid
  • Chapter Five - When Dog Owners Commit a Crime
  • Chapter Six - Children and Dog Bites
  • Chapter Seven - Determining the Value of a Dog Bite Case
  • Chapter Eight - The Legal Process for Dog Bite Cases
  • Chapter Nine - Breed Ban Laws - Do They Work?
  • Chapter Ten - Concerns About Insurance
  • Chapter Eleven - The Advantages of Hiring a Lawyer
  • Chapter Twelve - Why I Wrote This Book
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About The Author

Christopher Davis has spent nearly the last 15 years attempting to "level the playing field" between accident victims and insurance companies. He is passionately devoted to advancing and perfecting trial techniques and communication strategies on behalf of injured victims.

If you would like to speak with Mr. Davis about your case you may contact him at Davis Law Group, P.S. in Seattle at 206-727-4000.

This book is not intended to offer legal advice. This book is for informational purposes only. If you have specific questions about your accident case, you should speak to a qualified attorney in Washington State. The author, Christopher Michael Davis, is a licensed practicing attorney in good standing in the state of Washington. The Washington State Bar Association does not recognize or confer "Certifications" or "Board Certifications" for attorneys who may specialize in any one or more particular practice areas.